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About Us

Hello Pet Parents & Fur Babies! 

My name is Alison & my husband, Tom & I are the owners of Barkberry Boutique. We are so grateful that you’re here! When you shop small, you are supporting a dream & local economy.  With a respective background in the dental field, after 17 years I took a chance on myself & my dream to work with animals, so I went to dog grooming school in 2013 to get my license as a pet stylist! I knew I could eventually have my own salon if I worked my “tail” off.  It was hard. It took a long time for me to master the trade. However, I did it, & stuck to it when it got really hard. 
We are so proud that we have grown our 
1:1 private grooming spa in the Cleveland area & we are now a pet enrichment center that advocates for dog nutrition, grooming & fashion. 

 I am pushing harder than ever before &

my journey with my own sweet nugget dogs & my desire to help animals ultimately led me to open Barkberry Boutique! Dog wardrobe goals! 

Our tails are wagging with excitement to bring you sustainable luxury pet clothes that are made or designed by Barkberry, in-house, or purchased mostly from small businesses. That’s why we have such a wide variety of pet apparel, novelties & accessories!

Why the name Barkberry? I’ve always loved the designer style & I especially love a classic plaid pattern. Plaid old, plaid new, plaid in a canoe! It just brings such a joy & warmth to my soul.  A few of my other passions are: My love for the sun & outdoors, boating & the beach, dog adventures, social media marketing, rustic farmhouse design, reading (Reese’s Book club Fan) Great coffee, horses & of course, all things dogs. Contact us anytime! 
email: alison@barkberryboutique.com

We do try to get back to our customers ASAP.
If you are looking for a general update:
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We hope you love everything as much as we do & we can't wait to get to know you in our FB VIP group (Barkberry Boutique) search “groups” & enter Barkberry Boutique in the group search bar) to find you & your individual pups’ style along with any funny pet anecdotes to help lift you & your pets’ spirits!

If you need help with sizing, we will help sniff out the best size for your bestie!

Measuring Your Pup: You can YouTube “how measure your dog”

 Measure Neck: (around neck) add 2 inches 

Measure the Chest/Girth (around barrel, just behind armpits & around the chest) add 2 inches 

Finally, measure the back/length (nape of the neck to where the tail begins (croup area) 

Kind WOOFS from our little pack: Alison, Tom, Butter & Pete

Tell your pups we said hello!  XO!
We are so happy to be able to donate to The Handicapped Pets Foundation. They are on FB & IG!! We are able to donate 5% of every sale to this non-profit. Walkin’ Pets created this foundation to help pets who have had spinal cord injuries. Follow Walkin’ Pets on IG @WalkinPets! They are able to give 5-7 pet wheel chairs to pets in need every month, because of pet parents like you,  who buy from small businesses like ours!