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About Us

Hello Pet Parents & Fur Babies! 

My name is Alison, owner of Barkberry Boutique  & we are so grateful that you’re here! When you shop small, you are supporting a dream & local economy.  With a respective background in the dental field, after 17 years I took a chance on myself & my dream to work with animals, so I went to dog grooming school in 2014 to get my license as a pet stylist! I knew I could eventually have my own salon if I worked my “tail” off.  It was hard. It took a long time for me to master the trade. But I did it, & stuck to it when it got really hard. 
We are so proud that we have grown our 
one-on-one private grooming spa in the Cleveland area & we thought, “why not finish these beautiful styles with some more flare!?” I am pushing harder than ever before &
that’s where beautiful online Barkberry Boutique came into the picture. Our tails are wagging with excitement to bring you high-end, high-fashion sustainable luxury dog & cat clothes & accessories that are made by Barkberry & SkippyDog, in-house, or local small business & our merchandise is 95% made in the USA!  We think it is so important to grow our local economy.
My husband Tom, Pete (ShihTzu) & our newest member of the pack, Buttery B (YorkiePoo) are the loves of my life! We come from a long line of hard workers & we take pride in everything we do!

Why the name Barkberry? I’ve always loved the Burberry line & I especially loved their classic plaid pattern. Plaid old, plaid new, plaid in a canoe! It just brings such a joy & warmth to my soul.  A few of my other passions are: My love for the sun & outdoors, boating & the beach, rustic farmhouse design, reading (Reese’s Book club Fan) Good coffee, horses & of course, all things dogs.

New BARKciting news! We recently partnered with SkippyDog Tees which you will find exclusively on the Barkberry website! Ashley Azbell is the owner & designer behind SkippyDog Tees! She has an exclusive collection on the main menu. A little about Ashley: she was born in Ogden, Utah & from there she moved around the states as an air force daughter until she landed herself in Cleveland, Ohio with her own little pack of 4 beautiful, solid dogs. She has been in the Veterinary field for 5 years & she has enjoyed her life with animals so much that she has immersed herself in them. Thus Skippy dog was born with a little help from her FURiends at Barkberry because we believe in her brand, hard work ethic, quality & ideas so much! SkippyDog will definitely become a brand you’ll love & enjoy to wear. 
Ashley’s late mother was a close friend of our family for many years & she was the muse behind the name SkippyDog. She was a light in this world that definitely rubbed off on her daughters & all who knew her. This was why Ashley was dead set on including our friend & her mother, Rachel in her business. We think of her everyday & to be able to wear & sell a brand that will embody her energy, great vibes & uniqueness will truly be an amazing thing to be a part of! Welcome, Ashley. We love you like one of our own! 
You can reach out to me on my personal Facebook @Alison Metzger (for fastest response time)
email me at: alison@barkberryboutique.com
We do try to get back to our customers ASAP.
If you are looking for a general update:
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email: aa@skippydogtees.com

We hope you love everything as much as we do & we can't wait to get to know you in our FB VIP group to find out you & your individual pups’ style along with any funny anecdotes you want to share! 

If you need help with sizing, we will help sniff out the best size for your bestie!

Measuring Fluffy: You can YouTube “how measure your dog”

 Measure Neck: (around neck) add 2 inches 

Measure the Chest/Girth (around barrel, just behind armpits) add 2 inches 

Finally, measure the back/length (nape of the neck to where the tail begins (croup area) (as is) 

Kind WOOFS from our little pack: Alison, Tom, Butter, Pete, Ashley, Daniel, Cambria, Kane, Shay & Furosia! 

Tell your pups we said hello!  XO!
*** We have recently joined paws with The Handicapped Pets Foundation in FB!! We are so excited to be able to donate 10% of every sale to this non-profit. Walkin’ Wheels created this foundation to help pets who have had spinal cord injury’s. They are able to give 5-7 wheel chairs to pets in need because of hoomans like you who buy from small businesses like ours! Thank you!